June 18 and June 19


Sketchbook Beers are on tap in two locations:

- at the 3 beer tents on Custer St., Main St., and Chicago Ave

- at our taproom at 821 Chicago Ave. (our  very own artesan Italian-style sodas available at the taproom also!)


Here is a guide to what we have on tap for the fair:

Beer Tents


Custer Fair Weather (special brew just for the fair!)

A Bavarian inspired pale ale. Light and thirst quenching summer beer.
4.3% ABV | Bitterness: 37 IBU


Orange Door - IPA

Sketchbook’s signature IPA, 
dry-hopped twice for bold grapefruit and other citrus flavors. 
7.4% ABV | Bitterness: 71 IBU


Cumulus Hefeweizen
A traditional German cloudy wheat beer
4.2% ABV | Bitterness: 15 IBUs


Grodziskie - Polish Wheat Ale

A light and refreshing wheat beer made with smoked malt. This recipe dates back more than 400 years. 
4.3% ABV | Bitterness: 25 IBU


Honey Bird ­ Honey Basil Pale Ale

A pale ale enhanced with clover honey and Thai Holy Basil (Hung Que).
6.5% ABV | Bitterness: 20 IBUs


In the Taproom (821 Chicago Ave.)


Orange Door - IPA
(see description above)

Cumulus Hefeweizen
(see description above)

(see description above)

Honey Bird
(see description above)


Et Tu Saison
A saison with hints of orange peel and pepper as well as other sweet aromas derived from the Belgian yeast. Smooth body, finishing with a light spicy dry with herbal hop finish.
5.9% ABV | Bitterness: 33 IBU


Brabant - Belgian Dark Strong
Rich caramel and toasted malt flavors accompanied by strong, smooth warming alcohol. Notes of dark dried fruit like raisins and plums.
7.7% ABV | Bitterness: 25 IBU


Snowy Owl Rye - Amber Ale (regular and Nitro pours)Featuring a combination of caramel malts, with spicy notes from the rye, balanced with the citrus flavor of American Cascade and Amarillo hops.
5.6% ABV | Bitterness: 41 IBU


Red Cap Robust Porter
A substantial, malty dark ale, complex and flavorful with notes of chocolate and a light roastiness. 
6.6% ABV | Bitterness: 25 IBU


Back Alley Abbey - Belgian Dubbel
One of the few strong Belgian beers we all love. This dubbel is reddish brown full of complex malt flavor, creamy, and complex fruity esters from the yeast and highly carbonated - typical of Belgian beers. It will make you feel like you are drinking a beer from an abbey, right here in Evanston.
6.8% ABV | Bitterness: 21 IBU


Tripel G - Belgian Tripel
Another strong Belgian beer, the classic Tripel.  Clean, crisp, with floral notes and a dry finish. 
10.8% ABV, 25 IBU


No Parking - Session Pale Ale
An extremely drinkable session Pale ale, filled with the complex flavors of 5 different malts.  Light and crisp body. Citrus peel, pine and lemongrass flavors from a New Zealand Hop called Dr. Rudi.
4.2% ABV | Bitterness: 37 IBU


Bud’s Corvus - Dry Stout (regular and Nitro pours)
Our Irish-style dry stout is low alcohol, dark, roasty, and bitter.  The coffee flavors are balanced with the addition of caramel malts.
4.7% ABV | Bitterness: 47 IBU