Frequently Asked Questions

Do you just sell beer to your members? Nope, that's a myth! Everyone is welcome. 

What is your membership program? Our Community-Supported Membership program allows our members to pre-pay for six months or 12 months of growler fills, at a discounted price. To find out more  go here.

Wait--I hear you were located in the alley? That's where we started, but our retail operations have shifted to 821 Chicago Ave.  Our alley location is now devoted to brewing.

Why Sketchbook? Our brewery name pays tribute to the energy generated when creative minds play. Sketchbooks are intimate little tools of invention and inspiration. 

Who's involved? Shawn Decker and Cesar Marron are the principal owners of Sketchbook Brewing Company. Their wives Alice George and Amy Wilkinson are active business partners and will be writing copy, setting up events, and pouring beer.  Sketchbook Brewing Company's co-founders include Sean Curry, Mike Ensdorf and Kathy Pilat, Matt and Tara Kosloski, and Ted Perez.  Sean, Matt and Ted are home brewers in their own right, and their beer has been winning awards locally and nationally.

Who are Shawn & Cesar?  Shawn is an award-winning media artist and musician whose installations have been exhibited around the world; he is a Professor at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in the Sound and Art & Tech Departments. He is married to poet, artist, and educator Alice George; both of their children went through the Evanston public schools. Cesar is a Brazilian native, and is married to Amy Wilkinson and they have two young daughters. Amy, born in Evanston, has a degree in Anthropology and a masters in Museum studies. She likes digging for artifacts. Her last job was at the New York State Museum doing digital photography of fungi. See Bios.

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