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Anything Gose - Historic Wheat Beer
Back-Alley Abbey - Belgian Dubbel
Barrel-Aged Lapwing - Strong Scotch Ale
Brabant - Belgian Dark Strong
Brunswick Mum - Schwarzbier
Bud's Corvus - Irish Stout
Cosmic Cali - California Common
Cumulus - Hefeweizen
Custer's Last Kolsch
Et Tu - Saison
Frogtown - British Golden Ale
Grodziskie - Smoked Polish Wheat
Grounded - Pale Ale w/organic ingredients
Insufficient Clearance - New England IPA
Kedzie Street - Red IPA
Lapwing - Strong Scotch Ale
No Parking - Session Pale Ale
Obstinate - Dusseldorf Altbier
Orange Door - IPA
Pinky Sweater - Red Rice Pilsner
Ripe Now - Farmstand Porter
Smoke Signal - Robust Porter
Smokey Jack - Pumpkin Saison
Snowy Owl - Rye-Amber Ale
Street-Side - Belgian Single
Turbulence - Imperial Stout
Twice Lucky - English Special

ANYTHING GOSE - Wheat beer

Based on an old German wheat beer style, our Gose has low hop bitterness, a dash of sea salt, and seasonal tartness from Michigan cherries.  

4.7 % ABV
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BACK-ALLEY ABBEY - Belgian Dubbel

One of the few strong Belgian beers we all love. This dubbel is reddish brown and full of complex malt flavor, creamy and complex fruity esters from the yeast and highly carbonated - typical of Belgian beers. It will make you feel like you are drinking a beer from an abbey, right here in Evanston. 

7.4% ABV | Bitterness: 21 IBUs
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Rich  and strong, malty and warming, aged for 9 months in FEW Rye Barrels for an incredible taste and aroma.  Complex malt flavors blend with the spicy rye and oak flavor from the barrels.

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BRABANT - Belgian Dark Strong

Rich caramel and toast malt flavors accompanied by strong, smooth warming alcohol. Notes of dark dried fruit like raisins and plums.

7.8% ABV | Bitterness: 25 IBU  

BRUNSWICK MUM - Schwarzbier

This is our take on Schwarzbier, a rich German-style lager with a bit more roast character on this easy drinking beer.  

5.1% ABV  | Bitterness: 30 IBU    

BUD's CORVUS - Dry Stout

Our dry stout is low alcohol, dark, roasty, and bitter.  The coffee flavors are balanced with the addition of caramel malts.

4.7% ABV | Bitterness: 47 IB

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COSMIC CALI- California Common

An American original that came up during the gold rush years in the San Francisco area. As Lagers were popular, this style tried to get close to a lager, but using temperatures a bit warmer than a traditional lager, while still cool.

Expect a lightly fruity beer with firm maltiness and firm hop bitterness. Finishing crisp and refreshing. Our choice of finishing hops *Galaxy* gives this beer its fruity note of passionfruit and low citrus.

6 % ABV | Bitterness: 40 IBU

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CUMULUS - Hefeweizen

A traditional, refreshing German cloudy wheat beer with a delicate balance of banana and clove aroma and flavor, as the Bavarians like it. This style's amazing flavor has defied the German purity law since 1520!  Now here’s your chance to see what all the fuss is about. 

5.5% ABV | Bitterness: 15 IBUs 

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This German style is a creamy, crisp and delicious summertime ale named in honor of Evanston's Custer Fair. 

5.5% ABV | Bitterness: 30 IBU

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Et Tu - Saison

A saison with hints of orange peel and other aromas and a slightly peppery body--all derived from the Belgian yeast
-- finishing with a light spicy herbal hop finish.

6.3% ABV | Bitterness: 30 IBU

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FROGTOWN - British Golden Ale

A sophisticated malt profile balanced by a firm hop bitterness. English malts bring biscuit and nutty flavors to accompany floral and citrus hop flavors from west coast hops.

5.6% ABV | Bitterness: 47 IBUs

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GRODZISKIE - Polish Smoked Wheat

A light, Polish smoked wheat beer. This beer carries a load of smoke flavor from the heirloom smoked malt, and a spicy and herbal hop flavor from Saaz hops. Easy drinking. A favorite in Europe for centuries.

4.3% ABV | Bitterness: 27 IBU

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GROUNDED - Pale Ale w/organic ingredients

A medium body pale ale brewed exclusively with organic malts, and organic Chinook hop from Carr Creek Hops farm in Michigan. The strong pine and grapefruit aroma and flavor of the hops balance out the rich malt and caramel flavors from the grains. This batch was made exclusively for the opening of the Whole Foods on Green Bay Road in Evanston.

5.4 % ABV | Bitterness:  38 IBUs

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HONEY BIRD - Honey Basil Pale Ale

This beer brings to you a soft malt flavor, the aroma of North Dakota clover honey, and a subtle minty and peppery flavor from Thai Holy Basil (Húng Quế). The result is an extremely enjoyable and refreshing pale ale. It will take care of your stress.

6.4% ABV | Bitterness: 26 IBUs 

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Named by Draft Magazine as the 19th best IPA in the country (out of 368), this brew's name came from back when Sketchbook’s location  was a parking garage for taxis; the “Insufficient Clearance” sign that warned cabbies of roof-scraping now sits above head brewer and co-founder Cesar Marron’s desk. Brewed with Citra, Mosaic, and Simco hops.

5 % ABV  

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The deep flavors of darker malts and bright hops characterize this red ale.  Like an IPA with added roastiness.

6.3% ABV | Bitterness: 70 IBUs

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LAPWING - Strong Scotch Ale


Rich  and strong, a warming malty treat .  Minimal hops and complex malt flavors including earthy notes and caramel flavors. The lower carbonation lends a creamy and fuller body. This style is often referred to in Scotland as a  “wee heavy".

7.6% ABV | Bitterness: 28 IBU

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An extremely drinkable session pale ale, filled with the flavors of five different malts.  Light and crisp body, with the citrus aroma of CITRA hops.

4.2% ABV | Bitterness: 56 IBU

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OBSTINATE - Dusseldorf Altbier

Originally from the Westphalia region, where traditional German brewers or the Rhine region refused to jump on the new lager trend in the 16th century. Crisp, with fruitier malty aromas and flavor, copper colored and medium body.

4.5% ABV | Bitterness: 40 IBUs 

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A serious IPA with tons of dry hop character bringing citrus and piney aromas on a beautiful malt backbone.  Dry hopped twice for bold grapefruit and other citrus flavors that are contrasted by the malt sweetness.

7.2% ABV | Bitterness: 71 IBUs

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PINKY SWEATER - Red Rice Pilsner

A crisp pilsner brewed with a portion of red rice for a nice nuttiness to complement the refreshing nature of this pilsner. The name refers to how the belgians order a pilsner in a bar using their pinky--and then it got confused in text auto-correct!

5.9% ABV | Bitterness: 36 IBUs

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RIPE NOW - Farmstand Porter

A substantial, malty dark ale, complex and flavorful with notes of chocolate and light roast.  For  the September 2016  version, we brewed this medium body porter with sour cherries.

7.1% ABV | Bitterness: 25 IBUs

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A robust porter right for the weather. Strong dark malts, subtle smoke flavor from cherrywood malt with a smooth sweet finish.

5.3% ABV | Bitterness: 44 IBUs

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SMOKEY JACK - Pumpkin Saison

Made with Pumpkins smoked in apple-wood and a dash of pumpkin pie spices.This Saison carries a hint of fall seasonal flavors with the spicy notes from the Belgian yeast and spices blending into a flavorful beer. Wild honey and Maple syrup lend a hand in providing a drier palate and flavor complexity.

6.8% ABV | Bitterness: 25 IBU

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SNOWY OWL - Rye-Amber Ale

Featuring a combination of caramel malts, with spicy notes from the rye, complemented by strong citrus and tropical fruit notes from late-addition hops and dry-hopping.

5.6% ABV | Bitterness: 41 IBU

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STREET-SIDE - Belgian Single

Usually not available outside the monastery and also called Monk's beer for being part of their daily ration, this lower ABV beer is fruity, hoppy and dry, with the typical spiciness of the belgian yeast.

4.8% ABV | Bitterness: 29 IBU

TURBULENCE - Imperial Stout

First brewed in the 1700's to win favor from the Russian Czar, the smooth, rich character of this high alcohol style stems frm complex chocolate and roast malts.

9.7% ABV

TWICE LUCKY - English Special

An English pale ale that originated in the 20th century to be served very fresh. This beer is made with english malts and english hops. It is low in carbonation and low in hop flavor, making it a very drinkable and refreshing ale.

4.6% ABV | Bitterness: 34 IBUs

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