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Sketchbook's First Stand: Custer Street Fair

Well, we've been sitting around tables talking about this brewing company since late last year, but last weekend we went public--at Evanston's so-fun Custer Street Fair. 

First, we cleaned up the brewery space a bit--so that folks could check it out, and hung some orange balloons so people could find us.


Then, the merch arrived--including T-shirts resplendent with Evanston artist Joe Taylor's design.

Then, we hauled some kegs over to the booth we shared with Cooked, a great catering organization whose tacos and empanadas (and that crazy good green cilantro sauce) wowed the crowd weekend-long.

Matt Kosloski pouring...while Cesar captures emails!

Matt Kosloski pouring...while Cesar captures emails!

Back in the space, Shawn had a great time going over the brewery plans with potential customers...


while our Kickstarter backers showed up to pick up their t-shirts, stickers and key-chains...

...while brew-spouses Cesar Marron & Amy Wilkinson threw down some delicious beer

We can't wait to do it again...but we're going dark for now--building out the space and waiting for the fermentors to arrive from China! Look for another post in July...and check out more pix from Custer Street on Facebook.

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