Our Beer Philosophy: Shawn and Cesar are passionate about crafting recipes from many cultures—with a focus on creating fine ‘session’ beers low in alcohol/calories.

Our Set Up: We have ordered a 7BBL Steam Brewhouse, 7BBL Fermenter Vessel and a 7BBL Brite Tank. All of our beers will be stored in 1/6BBL and 1/2BBL kegs for our growler fill station and for local distribution. The fermenter vessels are often the factor limiting production in a brewery because while each batch of beer is brewed in a day, it is then kept in a fermenter for up to 2 weeks, in the case of Ales (and even longer for some of our more interesting beers). We are running our Kickstarter campaign specifically to purchase two more fermenter vessels, which will allow Sketchbook to produce a much greater variety of beers for you, with up to 6 different beers at one time on tap in our tasting and growler fill room.

Our Beers: While we are still nailing down recipes, it is possible to make a few predictions:  Cesar is of course interested in following through with a version of his Polish Grätzer which he won the Sam Adams Longshot competition with.  Shawn (and nearly everyone else) is a big fan of Rye Ales, so look for a Rye Pale Ale for sure.  Sean Curry makes a mean smoked Porter which has won a number of homebrew medals, so its a sure bet we'll be working on a version of this.  Matt Kosloski has a very nice Brown Ale which will no doubt be a hit.  And Shawn is buying every book he can find on the history of Scottish brewing to feed his current obsession with Scottish Ales, so that will be another style we will be looking into (which has a few brewing challenges that keep many breweries from bothering with this rich brewing tradition!). Honey Ales are a favorite of Ted Perez, who makes a Honey Basil Pale Ale and we have a great source of local artisanal honey, so some Ales with local honey will be another sure bet.

Cider and Mead: Finally, we plan on always having at least one cider on tap, and we have also been getting into mead-making a bit (Shawn's mead is in the final round of the National Home Brew competition this year), so this will be another area we will no doubt come up with some things for you to try.

 And Cesar has so much new stuff going that this will have to be another entire article!

Stay Tuned for breaking news as we sketch out our recipes and decide our Summer 2014 brewing priorities.

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