Sketchbook Brewing Company currently has two versions of our logo--

a wide, rectangular one:

and a round one.



Our logo is our brand, so we request:

  • We appreciate when our logo isn't altered in any way; it should always be used in the proportions and configurations shown.
  • The full name of our brewery is Sketchbook Brewing Company. Acceptable abbreviations are Sketchbook Brewing or Sketchbook Brewing Co. 
  • Other graphics or design elements must be placed in such a way that they do not interfere with the prominence of the logo. For example, the logo must never be used as a screen or printed over a photograph, patterned background, or anything else that might obscure its clarity and legibility.

Please download appropriate versions by clicking below.

High-res version of wide logo

Low-res version of wide logo

High-res version of round logo

Low-res version of round logo