Baby & Food & Beer--a letter from a member

Thanks to CSB member Bryan Burda and family for this lovely letter: 
"Dear Sketchbook,

Two weekends ago my wife and I brought our baby to the tasting room to restock howlers from our membership and have a glass of your Black Rye Saison, one of our recent favorites from any brewery. Seriously, that's a damn great beer. While we were there, we tasted the Gose with Rock Salt and Elderberries and my immediate reaction was, "I'm not sure I want a big glass of that, but I bet it would taste great with food." So, I put together a menu and thought it was successful enough it was worth sharing and hopefully brighten your day to see what people are doing with your beer. AND, I have to add that after the initial sip the salt mellowed and became much more pleasing, not just something for a meal pairing.


First Course: Straight Gose paired with...Tostata with Citrus Supreme Guacamole, Habanero Pickled Vegetables, Shrimp, and Citrus/Cilantro Crema

Second Course: The rock salt in the Gose made me think margarita so I made a not too sweet but very lime forward simple syrup to make a Gose with Rock Salt and Elderberry and Lime Radler to serve with...Crispy Skin Salmon, Roasted Carrot and Sweet Potato, Cumin/Yellow Pepper Butter Sauce, and a Green Onion/Pumpkin Seed/Lime Garnish

Third Course: Again, your Black Rye Saison is one of our favorite beers so I thought it would be nice to utilize that in a dessert and made...Green Apples Poached in Saison with honey and lemon, Dark Chocolate Chevre Ganache (to play off the slight funkiness in the beer with the goat cheese), baked meringue, a reduction of the poaching liquid, and finished with lemon zest.

Alice George