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Brewing beer in the heart of Evanston since 2014.

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Sketchbook is a community supported brewery with over 400 active members.  Membership to us means we have a dedicated group of loyal patrons excited about what we're doing and ready to share in our adventures.  Membership to you means all that plus savings on beer, merchandise, and invitations to exclusive member parties.

What is a CSB membership? 

CSB members prepay for monthly growler and howler fills at a discounted rate.  Plans include one or two growler fills a month for 6 or 12 months.

How much does it cost? 

1 growler fill a month for 6 months          $81 ($13.50/growler)

2 growler fills a month for 6 months      $155 ($13/growler)

1 growler fill a month for 12 months       $134 ($12.50/growler)

2 growler fills a month for 12 months     $258 ($12.50/growler)

Are there other discounts?

Members receive an 10% off all additional beer purchases and 20% off merchandise.  

I thought I heard something about parties?

A few times a year we shut down to the general public and invite members for exclusive parties.  Grab a beer and come hang out in the brewery with us for a few hours.

Still have questions?

 We've got you covered.


What is a growler and how do I get one? 

A growler is a 64 oz jug that holds your beer.  We'll give you one when you sign up, and if you have some around already we'll fill those.   We'll also fill 32 oz howlers,

Can I fill two howlers instead of my monthly growler?


How long does a Growler stay fresh?

Refrigerated and unopened a growler is at it's best within a week or two.  Once opened, the beer will stay fresh for a day or two.

How do I join?

We open membership for a limited window four times each year.  Sign up through our website or in the taproom.