Sketchbook Brewing Co.

Evanston's Community-Supported Brewery

Tuesday - Thursday, noon to 10 pm
Friday - Saturday, noon to 11 pm
Sunday, noon to 8 pm
Closed Monday

We are accepting new members now: Click Here.  

Sketchbook's CSB membership program welcomes members 4x each year:   Our members are important to us--we've kept our CSB prices unchanged since we launched in fall of 2014--and we now claim more than 450 loyal members.

What is a CSB? It's a Community-Supported Brewery, a monthly growler club with a variety of options.   Our CSB is inspired by the great grassroots business model offered by CSA’s (Community-Supported Agriculture).   A CSB is a monthly membership program that guarantees 64 or 128 ounces of fresh, locally-produced beer to our loyal customers.

How much does it cost? 

1 growler fill a month for 6 months          $70 ($81 with tax) ($13.50 growler)

2 growler fills a month for 6 months       $134      ($155 with tax) ($13 growler)

1 growler fill a month for 12 months       $134 ($155 with tax) ($12.50 growler)

2 growler fills a month for 12 months     $258($299 with tax) ($12.50 growler)

What are the advantages of joining the CSB vs. simply buying the beer as a regular customer?  You pay less for growler fills: between 11 and 17%  off a non-CSB growler fill. You will also get 10% all other beer you purchase from us (including drafts in our new Tap Room), and 20% off merchandise.  

Are there parties? Yes, we invite CSB members to members events, where the CBS takes over both of our spaces--front and back--while enjoying some special beer! 

At 1st Birthday Party.jpg


What is a growler and how do I get one? A growler is a jug made out of brown glass, or stainless steel, to protect its precious contents—fresh draft beer.  A standard growler holds 64oz (4 pints of beer). Every CSB member receives one of our very own growlers as part of your membership welcome. When you come in for your growler fill, we’ll exchange your empty with a full one. That simple. Here is what they look like: (the standard glass growler you will get is on the left – the half growler on the right, and our special stainless swing top growler – which you have to buy – is in the center).  

Sketchbook Growlers - 64oz regular, 64oz stainless, 32oz half-growler (better known as a "howler")

Sketchbook Growlers - 64oz regular, 64oz stainless, 32oz half-growler (better known as a "howler")

Can I get two Howlers instead of a growler for my monthly fill? Yes.  

How long does a Growler stay fresh?  Beer in a growler, as long as it is kept refrigerated and unopened, will stay fresh for a week or two.  Once opened, it should be drunk within a day or two to stay its freshest.  This will vary a bit from beer to beer, of course

How do I pay for my CSB? You pay us in full  via our online store or at the brewery.  Then, when you come in every month, your growler fill is entered into our database. No money changes hands after your initial payment, it's quick and easy! 

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