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Sketchbook Brewing Triples Down:

Announcing Fall 2019 Tap Room Expansion

EVANSTON, IL (May 24, 2019) –Sketchbook Brewing Company is known for many things: quality beer, hyper-local community support (including 400 loyal members), eye-catching can designs and an ‘intimate’ Tap Room.  This fall—that tiny Tap Room will expand, as Sketchbook expands northwards from their existing footprint.  This Evanston brewery is literally busting down walls as they grow, building on a growing appreciation for their product: Sketchbook beer can be found on tap and on the shelves across Illinois.

“Right now, our Tap Room can seat only 25, and my bartenders and I hate watching people walk away on crowded weekend nights.  Our online reviews are packed with calls for more seating. Well, our new Tap Room will have a footprint three times our current space! We are so excited to be able to accommodate more of our customers, and to start actively scheduling music and events,” says Amy Wilkinson, Tap Room Manager and Co-Founder.

The expanded space, located at 821 Chicago Ave, will maintain key features of the current Tap Room, conveniently located just steps from the Main St. stations (CTA and Metra):

  •  A wide range of styles on tap, ranging from porters to pilsners, IPAs to stouts (with kombucha and cider also available)

  •  DIY-forward design including hand-built furniture

  • No TV’s—lots of conversation

  • Art-making while you drink (Sketchbook’s coaster wall is a fan favorite, with 
    a hand-drawn coaster featured weekly in their newsletter)

New Features will include:

  • Garage-door roll-up windows

  • Interior Mural

  • Regularly scheduled live music events

  • Trivia, game nights and other fun TBD

  • Space for food pop-ups and catering

  • Increased space for special events

“Sketchbook has known we needed to expand since we first opened this Tap Room,” shares Head Brewer and Managing Partner Cesar Marron.“The minute our neighbor to the north announced they were leaving, we started back-of-the-napkin sketches and plans. We are counting on our customers to help us program the new Tap Room—ask our wait staff for our mini-survey. And check out Custer Fair in June. Sketchbook is creating a special beer for this Evanston classic.”

About Sketchbook Brewing: Sketchbook believes beer is art you can drink.  Flagship brews include Orange Door IPA, Insufficient Clearance Hazy IPA, Snowy Owl Red Rye Ale, and Night Game Double IPA.  Recognition includes international awards (silver medal in Copa Cervezas de América) and Design Awards for their intimate Tap Room (Design Evanston, Excellence in Interior Design, 2017). Sketchbook was founded in 2014 by two local families with roots in the homebrew community: Amy Wilkinson (Tap Room Manager) with her husband and Head Brewer Cesar Marron, and Managing Partner Shawn Decker and Alice George. For more beer information, news, upcoming events and more, visit


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