Member Shout-Out #5

Meet Sam Hartman-Pickerill :  Member since fall of 2015.

WHY WE LOVE HIM:  Sam's such an interesting and funny guy (funny ha ha). Also a very discerning  beer drinker (just see his ambitious beer request list below!).  Sam's job as head of R&D for a Chinese medical diagnostic startup means he travels a lot and we're always glad to see him return. Plus, it's been a joy to see his family grow: check out the photo with wife Becca and baby Nora!

We caught up with Sam at the Tap Room, and here's what he had to say.

FAVORITE SKETCHBOOK BEER TO DATE:  Black saison! I just loved the slight sour and funk that the saison yeast imparted and the fig-like flavors from the malts. 


  • Summer:Wild IPA with tropical tasting hops
  • Fall: German doppelbock 
  • Winter:  A classic English barley wine
  • Spring: Wild ale with a brown ale base and berries added

FAVORITE DETAIL: The artwork in the front is wonderful. I really enjoyed seeing the fermenters in the back and the cool, brewery smell and feel. 

STORY:  I love that nearly every time I visit Sketchbook people are friendly and familial. There's never a shortage of people to talk to. I also love that there are always other children and that everyone welcomes our 1 year old daughter Nora so warmly.  

ETC: One of the highlights of the last year are meeting my wife at the Metra with our daughter Nora and stopping by Sketchbook for a quick pint. Nothing like having a great craft brewery and community walking distance from home. 

Alice George