Member Shout-Out #4

Meet Sheila Barnes--a Kickstarter donor and founding member.   

WHY WE LOVE HER:  Sheila represents the kind of early adopter who gave us hope as we established our business...and has never let us down. A graphic designer and neighbor, Sheila is always cheerful--an all-around great fan.

FAVORITE BREW:  Snowy Owl & Orange Door

HOW SHE FOUND US: Facebook--heard about our Kickstarter campaign and contributed, helping us raise $25K in April of 2014 to launch our biz. 

WHY SHE's STUCK WITH US: I like that it’s family and so close—it feels like a neighborhood place…just two blocks away from where I live. I'm excited to support a local business, hate to see empty windows. I like the fun of taking people down an alley and seeing their surprised faces. During those early days, I really enjoyed getting an up-close view of the brewing. (NOTE: Sketchbook will open the alley brewery up for a CSB members take-over on August 8). 

WHAT SHE APPRECIATES:  I’ve never been disappointed. I love the variety in the Tap Room—it used to be easier to make our decisions. I think you grew well--I didn’t notice any growing pains. The growth has been’s fantastic! 

If you want to join our CSB, it's not too late.  We sign folks up 4x a year, and the current enrollment closes Sunday, July 31. Click here to learn more. 

Alice George