Member Shout-Out #3

Meet Simon Jezard & Theresa Ross: Founding Members (that means they joined in the fall of 2014)

WHY WE LOVE THEM:  Simon and Theresa found us way back--and have stuck with us ever since. They are close to our hearts because their wedding in the fall of 2015 was the first chance Sketchbook had to cater such a happy day (we're proud that quite a few members since have chosen SB for their nuptials!) 

We caught up with Simon at the Tap Room, and here's what he had to say.

FAVORITE BREW:  Snowy Owl—the first beer I sampled at Streets Alive back in September of 2014.

BREW REQUEST:  An English-style West Country style cider like Aspall. Or A seasonal ale like Great Lakes’ Christmas Ale. 

WHAT HE APPRECIATES:  No TV’s in the new Tap Room! Coming from the UK and Australia, pubs and watering holes  don’t really do TVs. When I moved to U.S. from Australia, the sports bar was a rude surprise!  A place like Sketchbook forces you to actually speak to people. The art of communication is a lost art…it happened in the back room on the alley for Sketchbook and it’s happening in the new space. I had a great conversation with one of the Kickstarter donors last week.  

STORY:  Theresa and I met in NY and then moved to Evanston, which was really kind of a random place for us.  Sketchbook is an example of what we've come to love about this place—genuine, down to earth people with a good idea. And that spirit continues at Sketchbook—no pretense no obligations.

About the wedding...well somehow the beer became a symbol of Evanston, this new place we were getting married in.   We wanted to showcase something from our new hometown.

ETC:  The evolution of the beer itself!  Sketchbook as a stout citizen of beer!  You listen to your customers and focus on the product. The coasters and the wall—these are the stories! Here at Sketchbook, I've never thought I was part of the business cycle, I thought I was part of the family.

Alice George