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Kickstarter Success in 40 hours!
Sketchbook Brewing raises money for expanded Tap Room

EVANSTON, IL (July 20, 2019) –The community built by Evanston’s Sketchbook Brewing stepped up this week! Kickstarter pledges in support of an expanded Tap Room blew past the brewery’s $15K goal in less than two days. Check out the page here

“We were hoping for a great response,” says Alice George, Co-Founder and PR director, “but this rush of support made our jaws drop!  Clearly, our customers are so ready for a larger space. We designed this campaign around what matters to Sketchbook: delicious beer enjoyed in a social space enhanced with good design, innovative features and cozy nooks, an acoustic environment built around conversation, and art features including wall and floor treatments.  Plus roll-up garage doors for summer breezes!” Read more here about the plans.

Lessons learned from the brewery’s first successful Kickstarter (which raised $25K to launch the brewery) came in handy. Sketchbook checked in with their more than 400 members about priorities, and then gathered pre-pledges before launching. 

What’s next? Sketchbook just posted an updated ‘stretch goal’: additional $15K to fund --

  • FIRST PRIORITY: Comfortable chairs & stools: we have been eyeing some lovely chairs, but the price was about twice what we could afford. Additional Kickstarter funds will make it possible for us to purchase nicer chairs. We solemnly swear to choose chairs which are comfortable and easy on the eyes.

  • SECOND: Music Fund—Now that we have the $ for acoustic treatment, we need to buy a solid space-appropriate PA system for our Music Nights.

  • THIRD: Green Wall—an installation of plants in the new space to create oxygen, absorb sound, celebrate plant-ness and mirror our reliance on mom earth (hops, grain, yeast, etc.).

Sketchbook will be posting images and updates through the Kickstarter campaign’s deadline of August 17, including rewards (car magnets, t-shirts, etc) and glimpses of Tap Room features. Right now, the team is hoping for an October open. 

“Come by soon and see our ‘before’ scenario and enjoy seasonal beers like Berliner Weisse with strawberries and rhubarb, historical styles like Twice Lucky ( English Bitter), plus fan favorite Orange Door IPA,” says Cesar. “And consider chipping in some money to our campaign.  All backers giving $100+ will get invited to an amazing party and have their names enshrined in the new space!”

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